DHF Consulting, LLC is an environmental consulting firm based in Florida.  John Cook, the President, has
40 years of experience in project management, including time spent with The Haskell Company.  His
educational training was at the University of Florida in construction management.  Mr. Cook, a
Jacksonville resident since 1967, has extensive experience in general contracting, real estate, land
development, and environmental permitting.  He has represented clients since 1992 in Northeast Florida
at the county, state, and federal level in obtaining permits for water access structures, seawalls and
upland retaining walls, submerged lands leases and easements, and dredge and fill activities.  Mr. Cook
is well known in the marine construction industry and maintains his Florida General Contractors

Mr. Cook is an idea generator, project coordinator, and liaison with governmental agencies.  He brings to
Clients over 25 years of experience in wetland and surface water environmental resource permitting with
the Florida Department of Environmental Protection, St. Johns River Water Management District, U.S.
Army Corps of Engineers and many other governmental agencies.  The company is involved in educating
the public about wetlands and surface waters.
About Our Business
DHF Consulting, LLC
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