Types of Projects

·         Shoreline/bank protection

o   Living shorelines and other alternative / soft armoring bank stabilization

o   Bulkhead, seawall, and riprap walls

o   Breakwaters, wave attenuation devices, and sills

Water Access

o   Permitting for dock, boat ramp, travel lift, boatyards, marinas, dredge

o   Riparian rights and sovereignty submerged lands assessments

o   Submerged Aquatic Vegetation assessments

o   Project-specific Manatee Protection Plan interpretations

·         Wetland

o   Delineation, restoration, and creation

o   Protected species and habitat assessments

o   Dredge/fill permitting, and mitigation

·         Sustainable Development

o   Clean waterfront developments / Green Marinas

o   Low Impact Developments
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